Bramble Berry, Bramble Berry!


I hope you all enjoyed the video.

Tell me below who is your favorite soap supplier =)


Soap Swap 2015


As some soapers know.

Bramble Berry is having their spring 2015 soap swap!!!!!! I have been reading the Soap Queen blog everyday since November 2014. And watching hundreds of videos on youtube jaja (lol spanish version). I got a spot because I jumped on it the day it was available. Only 75 lucky soapers got a spot. So if you are one of them, I hope I get one of your soaps! I’m super new to soaping, so this is very exciting. I already bought my 3-4 pound mold on Etsy and oils from Bramble Berry. My frangrance oil choice will remain a secret until swap goes down. BUT, I will do a haul video on my supplies =) This is a short and sweet blog post.

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