Testing Bramble Berry’s S.O.A.P Panel Fragrances



 This is totally off topic, but I don’t know if any of you have heard the song “Halle Berry (She’s Fine)” by Hurricane Chris. I wouldn’t say I grew listening to this type of Trap Rap Music ( I prefer Hood Rap 😊) . It was definitely the type of music they played at my Jr High dances, some 10 years ago. And every time my man/husband and I hear the name Bramble Berry, instead of singing “Halle Berry, Halle Berry…..” we sing “Bramble Berry, Bramble Berry…..” 😅 JAJAJA (lol Spanish version). I just thought you all should know 😝

I love Bramble Berry. It was the first soaping website I came across when I was diving into making my first couple of soaps. Since then I have been researching other well known sites. I have to say, though I live in Wisconsin (well pretty much on the MN-WI Border) I still prefer to buy from Bramble Berry. They have the best customer service I have ever experienced and high quality products. And the most important to me is their user-friendly website. For that I applaud you BB 👏👏👏👍

20150311_110801 (2)           I recently got the opportunity to try out fragrances for Bramble Berry’s Spring 2015  S.O.A.P Panel along with other panelists. It has truly been an honor =). They sent me 8 fragrances to test out and give feed back. Each one was only Identified by a number. So I will give them a name =p. I decided to test them in Melt and Pour Soap and Bath Bombs.

 So lets go through what I thought.

#1- Silky Chocolate 🍫

This scent had a definite chocolate aroma, maybe even like those expensive chocolates from the store 😊. It turned both the soap and bath bomb to a dark brown

#2-Spicy Christmas Corn 🎅

You can always expect to eat a little bit of caramel corn during the holiday. This fragrance is a blend of cinnamon, buttery caramel, and pop corn. I found it to discolor the soaps to a light brown and expect bath bombs to discolor as well

#3- Dessert Cactus 🌵

I will say right now this scent reminds me of straight nopales (cactus).  It’s not my favorite but its a reminder to eat healthy….YES you can eat cactus, just make sure to take of the thorns 😲. It had no discoloration in both applications

#4- Sweet Rain 💦

This one was really hard to put my finger on. I smelled sweet, then cocoa butter. I don’t I’m all over the place with this one. So i’m calling it Sweet Rain. No discoloration

#5 Circus Caramel Corn 🎪

Yes, another pop corn fragrance 😋 I think the name says it all. Light brown discoloration in both applications

#6 Relaxation Paradise 😳🛀

Oh my gunesss! This scent is amazing. It smells so good. An aroma of eucalyptus and maybe lavender. It just smells bomb 😍. A perfect scent to relax and have a spa like experience. No discoloration

# 7 Juicy Melon n Fruit 🍈

This fragrance smelled like juicy melon and grapes. A good summer scent. No discoloration

# 8 The Man

I have no idea how to describe this fragrance other that it smells like a men’s cologne and it’s magical. In the melt and pour soap I really had no opinion on it. But once I tried it in a bath both 🙌 ohhhhh it was nice. It was like I was in a masculine forest. I could almost hear the famous song by James Brown “This Is a Man’s World”. Definitely one of my favorites. No discoloration

That’s all for today.

Have a great day!

Estrellita RB


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