Testing Bramble Berry’s S.O.A.P Panel Fragrances



 This is totally off topic, but I don’t know if any of you have heard the song “Halle Berry (She’s Fine)” by Hurricane Chris. I wouldn’t say I grew listening to this type of Trap Rap Music ( I prefer Hood Rap 😊) . It was definitely the type of music they played at my Jr High dances, some 10 years ago. And every time my man/husband and I hear the name Bramble Berry, instead of singing “Halle Berry, Halle Berry…..” we sing “Bramble Berry, Bramble Berry…..” 😅 JAJAJA (lol Spanish version). I just thought you all should know 😝

I love Bramble Berry. It was the first soaping website I came across when I was diving into making my first couple of soaps. Since then I have been researching other well known sites. I have to say, though I live in Wisconsin (well pretty much on the MN-WI Border) I still prefer to buy from Bramble Berry. They have the best customer service I have ever experienced and high quality products. And the most important to me is their user-friendly website. For that I applaud you BB 👏👏👏👍

20150311_110801 (2)           I recently got the opportunity to try out fragrances for Bramble Berry’s Spring 2015  S.O.A.P Panel along with other panelists. It has truly been an honor =). They sent me 8 fragrances to test out and give feed back. Each one was only Identified by a number. So I will give them a name =p. I decided to test them in Melt and Pour Soap and Bath Bombs.

 So lets go through what I thought.

#1- Silky Chocolate 🍫

This scent had a definite chocolate aroma, maybe even like those expensive chocolates from the store 😊. It turned both the soap and bath bomb to a dark brown

#2-Spicy Christmas Corn 🎅

You can always expect to eat a little bit of caramel corn during the holiday. This fragrance is a blend of cinnamon, buttery caramel, and pop corn. I found it to discolor the soaps to a light brown and expect bath bombs to discolor as well

#3- Dessert Cactus 🌵

I will say right now this scent reminds me of straight nopales (cactus).  It’s not my favorite but its a reminder to eat healthy….YES you can eat cactus, just make sure to take of the thorns 😲. It had no discoloration in both applications

#4- Sweet Rain 💦

This one was really hard to put my finger on. I smelled sweet, then cocoa butter. I don’t I’m all over the place with this one. So i’m calling it Sweet Rain. No discoloration

#5 Circus Caramel Corn 🎪

Yes, another pop corn fragrance 😋 I think the name says it all. Light brown discoloration in both applications

#6 Relaxation Paradise 😳🛀

Oh my gunesss! This scent is amazing. It smells so good. An aroma of eucalyptus and maybe lavender. It just smells bomb 😍. A perfect scent to relax and have a spa like experience. No discoloration

# 7 Juicy Melon n Fruit 🍈

This fragrance smelled like juicy melon and grapes. A good summer scent. No discoloration

# 8 The Man

I have no idea how to describe this fragrance other that it smells like a men’s cologne and it’s magical. In the melt and pour soap I really had no opinion on it. But once I tried it in a bath both 🙌 ohhhhh it was nice. It was like I was in a masculine forest. I could almost hear the famous song by James Brown “This Is a Man’s World”. Definitely one of my favorites. No discoloration

That’s all for today.

Have a great day!

Estrellita RB


Spring 2015 S.O.A.P Panel


Hello Everyone,

As I was checking my favorite soap blogs I came across Soap Queens search for fragrance oil review panelists!

Soap Queen is Bramble Berry’s official blog.  And ever so often they gather 8 fragrance oils for the S.O.A.P panel to test and survey their opinions. To enter you have to state on either FB, Twitter…etc your favorite Bramble Berry Product and link it to the Soap Queen blog. Along with that you need to tell them why you should be on the panel.

So here’s my case jaja (lol Spanish version)

My favorite Bramble Berry product is the Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil. It’s a light floral. Very feminine   =).

And here’s why I should be chosen to be on the panel.


Thank you for stopping by!

Estrellita RB

Soap Swap 2015


As some soapers know.

Bramble Berry is having their spring 2015 soap swap!!!!!! I have been reading the Soap Queen blog everyday since November 2014. And watching hundreds of videos on youtube jaja (lol spanish version). I got a spot because I jumped on it the day it was available. Only 75 lucky soapers got a spot. So if you are one of them, I hope I get one of your soaps! I’m super new to soaping, so this is very exciting. I already bought my 3-4 pound mold on Etsy and oils from Bramble Berry. My frangrance oil choice will remain a secret until swap goes down. BUT, I will do a haul video on my supplies =) This is a short and sweet blog post.

Thank you for stopping by.